Planting trees for future generations and protecting the last ancient forests with the help of music and arts

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*Our carbon calculator is based on internationally-recognised ICAO methodology for an average commercial economy flight. Tree price based on our European operational costs, from planting to long-term maintenance. To calculate your C02 by train, road and rail we suggest using

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Forests Without Frontiers is a non-profit organisation set up to plant trees around the world. Our vision is to help create bio-diverse nature havens, working in collaboration with local partners and NGOs, planting new trees and restoring wild nature on land that will be fully dedicated to conservation.

Our first two projects of rewilding and reforestation are in Romania’s Carpathian mountains — home to Europe’s largest unfragmented virgin forests — with more initiatives planned globally.

With deforestation around the world at record levels and the climate in meltdown, there has never been a more important time to plant trees — the lungs of our earth. By planting trees, we can all be part of the solution.

DJ/Producer Nico de Transilvania was inspired to set up FWF after a recent trip to Romania to record traditional musicians in Transylvania’s mountains for her debut album “Be One”, to be released in 2019. Nico wanted to have a positive impact on the musicians’ environment and all proceeds from the album sale will go towards planting oak trees in the area where they live.

“I’ve realised that environmental preservation is intrinsically linked with the protection of our ancient traditions, instruments and folk songs. If we lose the forests, we lose the communities that live in them, and their culture is dispersed. We need to protect both, as these people are the guardians of the forests and they have so much to teach us. My intention with this initiative is to encourage fellow artists to become the voice of the forests and inspire the younger generation, in particular, to engage in the preservation of their own environment,” says Nico.


Our goal is to help preserve nature and forests by planting trees, creating wildlife corridors and wood pastures. We all contribute to the climate crisis through our patterns of consumption and we encourage people to be more conscious of their carbon footprint. By planting new forests we offer people a way of counterbalancing their carbon footprint.

Our reforestation and rewilding projects are developed in consultation with local partners and have long-term management plans. Restored natural ecosystems will be included in our partners' conservation areas for the benefit of future generations. We chose Foundation Conservation Carpathia as our first partner in Romania because we share the same vision.

We involve local communities in our projects and work with them to preserve ancient traditions and harness their knowledge of living in harmony with the environment. By developing a nature-based economy, incorporating wild tourism, we hope to inspire local people to invest in nature as an asset.

We will host multi-faceted participatory events, using music and art as a platform to bring people together and back to nature.

Nico wishes to inspire fellow touring artists to offset their carbon footprint by planting trees – and to use their voices to promote the protection of our planet.

To date FWF has managed to:

Raise funds for a first plantation of oak trees in spring 2019

Secure land for biannual planting in the Southern Carpathian Mountains in Romania

Find partners and supporters for FWF

Create platforms for promoting and funding for our projects (websites/social media pages)

We have recruited ambassadors to help us promote the initiative

We have local volunteers ready to get involved in the plantations

We have an experienced team of people who are helping us implement our projects

The initiative is being promoted worldwide through Nico de Transilvania’s gigs and the release of her upcoming album “Be One”, with proceeds from album sales being donated to the project

We planted the first oak trees in April 2019 launching a unique re-wilding project for Romania which focuses on the regeneration of old pastures and helps promote biodiversity of the area.

We involved local volunteers and workers in our first plantation, using native species of oak trees, seeds and thorn bushes.

Why plant trees /
What benefits do trees give?

Trees create the air we breathe

They filter air and noise pollution

They provide shelter, food and habitat for hundreds of thousands of species

They store carbon, helping to regulate our climate

They build soil

The root networks that they grow create help to create permeable soils which soak up floodwater

They are an important part of the water cycle through transpiration (adding water to the atmosphere)

They offer shade for the ground, for livestock and for people when our climate is hot

They help to reduce ozone levels in urban areas

They provide us with food, building materials and fuel by turning sunlight into wood and food

They provide us with inspiration, pleasure, natural education and a sense of place

Listen to new Forests Without Frontiers mix compiled by Nico de Transilvania


There are two strands to our work in Transylvania

Through our work, we also support local NGOs who are fighting to protect the world’s last ancient forest. If you wish to find out more please get in touch.


We have 100 hectares on our Romanian partner’s land at Cobor Farm for a long-term oak pasture grazing rewilding project. Our aim is to work in harmony with nature allowing the natural processes to develop.

We aim to expand this initiative over time, to protect and support other natural services that our wild landscapes provide for us, such as flood protection, pollination, carbon storage, water purification and natural biodiversity.


We have thousands of hectares of degraded land available for reforestation with native trees, fully protected from logging on Carpathia nature reserve. Alongside local communities we will work to protect indigenous wildlife aiming to develop wildlife corridors that will also benefit endangered species. 

Bringing nature back to life and people back to nature

Our Team

Nicoleta Carpineanu

Nicoleta Carpineanu


Nicoleta is a UK based, Romanian artist/environmental activist with in-depth experience in Research & Development of projects, producer of documentary films including Wild Carpathia and international DJ/Music Producer under the name Nico de Transilvania. She's a yoga teacher in the UK and spent her childhood in the forests of Romania, learning how to live in harmony with the environment.

Jane Dunford

Jane Dunford

Deputy Director

Jane is an editor and writer for global publications including The Guardian. Her interests lie in eco and nature-based tourism, conservation and indigenous knowledge of the land. She’s been inspired by initiatives as diverse as Knepp’s rewilding project in Sussex and the Cardamom Tented Camp’s efforts to protect the Cambodian rainforest.

Ion Holban

Ion Holban

Project Coordinator/Conservation Specialist

Ion is a Romanian/British conservationist currently working with Rottenburgh University on mapping the last virgin forests of Romania for their national catalogue. Previously Ion has worked on various environmental projects in the UK, Spain and Romania. He’s our man on the ground in Romania.

Fran Southgate

Fran Southgate

Project advisor

Fran has worked as a conservation ranger, landowner advisor and living landscapes advisor with Sussex Wildlife Trust. She is passionate about human connection with nature and wilding and has supported the Knepp rewilding project for over 15 years. Fran specialises in wetland restoration, natural processes, and creating ecological networks at a landscape scale.

Marius Bugeac

Marius Bugeac

P.R. and Communication

Marius is a Romanian entrepreneur, with in-depth knowledge in PR and Communication. He’s one of the founders of Music Outdoor Experience festival which focuses on bringing people back to nature. In 2018 he decided that he wants to live a greener lifestyle and started volunteering at different reforestation activities near his hometown including one recent action at Valea Drăganului where 12.000 trees were planted, which is why he joined FWF initiative.

Daniela Welzel

Daniela Welzel

Administrative Support

Daniela is a Freelancer based in Maastricht, Netherlands. She studied administrative science and public duty in Germany and is now freelancing in supporting people to bring their projects and ideas alive through her administrative skills. She is deeply interested in the connection between body, mind and heart, particularly within relationships and their connection to nature and environment. She is also a certified Mindfulness Trainer (MBCT) and studies psychology on the side.

Julia Blagbrough

Julia Blagbrough


Julia has worked as a Fundraising Consultant to a wide range of charities, arts and environmental organisations for the last five years. She sees fundraising as ‘the energy to manifest the care that we need apply to our planet at this crucial time’. Having worked as a producer and business owner of digital learning, as well as practicing eco-therapy with children and Young People, she is passionate about connecting people with nature to nurture a deepening understanding of the web of life, and nature’s inherent ability to heal.



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